28 okt. 2012

Snowy Sunday.

Oh what a nice Sunday. The snow we got is still here and the kids have been outside playing all day long. When I go outside I feel both ways, I feel the cold and isn`t exactly thrilled about that but I also get that tingle in my stomach when I smell the snow. I do love autumn so I`m sad to see that go, but the snow makes it easier to plan for Christmas and thats always a good thing. We just got in from a nice walk in the dark cold and it`s so cosy outside, it makes me want to stay inside and drink chai tea with lots of milk.

I`ve spent my day baking and sewing om my Christmas quilt thats intended for the couch, it`s turning out good and I can`t wait for December first, it might be the best day ever.

We went to the city yesterday and I found three t-shirts that I liked, I almost never buy clothes cause I can`t find anything I like, so I was so exited about these t-shirts. I love them and it feels so good to have something new in my closet.


25 okt. 2012

First snow.

It`s an old picture of my baby on his first pair of skies. Today we got our first snow, the kids went crazy and hurried out to play. It`s always fun to see how exited everybody gets about the first snow, me included. It`s just a sort of magic feeling.

24 okt. 2012

I`m making a new one and I can`t be stopped.

I`m making a new quilt. I know I should be focusing on Christmas right now but I just felt the urge to get sewing, so I am. I`ve picked out these fabrics and I`ve cut out all the little pieces I need. I have a feeling about this one, it might turn out amazing. And my kid is sick so I have no work tomorrow, just a long day of sewing. Yey.

21 okt. 2012

A wonderfull night.

My sister and I hosted a little dinner for our grandmother and step grandfather yesterday. We planned and cocked for days, it felt like, and it turned out so good. We spent the night talking, eating, remembering and laughing. It was one of those nights. The smiley one is me and other one is my little sister.

14 okt. 2012

Halloween dress.

I know it`s all shiny and stuff but if you just pretend that you are a seven year old girl for a second... isn`t it wonderful? So much fun to make and my girl is so exited about it.

13 okt. 2012

Having so much fun.

I`m making a Halloween dress for my girl, can`t blog, have to sew...(I really hate shiny fabrics but I`m glad I saved those nasty red and black curtains a friend didn`t want to save, there coming in handy right now. )

10 okt. 2012

Pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

I fixed two lamps yesterday, they`ve been lying under my bed waiting for about a year and yesterday I got to it. They were covered with a crochet lacy thing, to beige for me. I took it of and sewed together four pieces of fabric and sewed it on. I have to say they look great! I`m so bad at buying lamps because I never seem to find any nice ones so these really made a difference, they light up the room so to say.

7 okt. 2012

Brave rocks.

Oh Brave was so good, so good. It was the first Disney ever(as far as I know) that wasn`t a love story and that makes me so so happy. I don`t have anything against love but I am not okay with teaching our kids that if you are alone than you are unhappy and somethings wrong. Love is great but not being in love is pretty damn great to.

I`m crocheting a curtain tie back with these new Tilda yarns I bought yesterday, it`s going to be great, all flowery and beautiful.

Now I need to go lie in the bath with a good book for an hour or so. Oh how I love the little things.

6 okt. 2012

First movie ever.

Today I`m taking my kids to the movies, they`ve never done that and I haven`t in at least ten years. We`re going to buy candy and popcorn and coca cola and have a great time! The movie is Brave and I can`t wait. I remember the first time I was at the movies with my sister and my mum, we saw Aladdin and it was magical.

Did I mention that both the yarn shop and the fabric one is just a few steps from the movie theater... Yes this will be a good day for sure.

3 okt. 2012

Vintage sheets.

Vintage sheets, aren`t they just great. The one in the middle I have in green and pink to, it made my day to find this one to. I don`t know what it is that just makes me love them, there all soft and the colors are faded and they remind me of when I was a child. I just love them.