28 jan. 2013

Finished quilt.


 I finished my quilt and it`s sort of huge, to big for my bed, but who`s complaining. I ended up doing a gray and pink border and I think it fits the quilt nicely. I love how it ended up and I`m quite pleased with my self for finishing it so fast, must be the quickest one so far. I had, obviously, no plan when I put the squares out, I just tried not to get any similar pieces next to each other. I like the look of confusion.

I love finishing quilts but it`s also an empty feeling, guess I better start planing a new one. :)

20 jan. 2013

An old new dress.

The dress is one I made last summer, never sewed on the buttons in the back though so it haven`t been used yet, I plan to change that this summer. The fabric in the picture under the dress is one I bought yesterday, it was cheep and wonderful, two of my favorite things. I plan to make a dress of that to, it`s as thin as cotton gets and I love it.

I also found some lamps in a thrift shop, I payed 20kr(3usd) for this one. I have a bad relationship with lamps for the most part, most of them manage to be both ugly and expensive and that`s never a good thing. So I rely on thrift shop, and usually some fabric or thread. This one tough was cute enough to get to live with me without any remaking.

The quilt is coming along nicely, all the pieces are now sewn together and I`m just taking a breather before I start making the quilt sandwich. I can`t say I like that part very much but I have realized that it`s not a good idea not to do it properly.

We saw Brave, again, and I felt like trying to paint her and I have to say it`s a lot of fun. I have her lying by my computer so when I get bored I can just color her skirt or give her hair a try. I do love Brave, she is so awesome.  

13 jan. 2013

Quilty weekend. What else.

We had a grate weekend, as usual. The kids got to try out their new ice skates and I got to try out my old ones, it was way to cold though so we only managed to skate for about fifteen minutes. The kids were so happy, and I have to admit that it is sort of fun to skate, if it`s a bit warmer.

My latest quilt is coming along nicely, I`m in love with the colors I picked and I can`t wait until it`s finished. I think I`m going to have some problems deciding witch color/colors to use for the border that I`m planing to make, but that problem is going to have to wait a while. I`m so sick of all the ironing though, every little square has four seems that`s been ironed, and there are 256 squares. And then I have to iron them as I sew them together to, ah the horror.

I`m going back to school this semester as well, I`ll keep working full time and study 50%, it`s a bit though but I`ll manage, it`s only a couple of months. The subject is neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing on ADHD. It`s a lot of fun.

8 jan. 2013

Embroidery thread.

I bought some cotton embroidery thread on Tradera(Swedish Ebay) and it finally got here a couple of days ago. I spent a couple of wonderful hours drinking tea and sorting it after color, then I tied it up on a wooden ring and hung it on n nail in my bed- and sewing room. Now I just look at it and smile, there is something so great about thread in many different colors, probably knowing just how many different ways one can be creative with it. I think I have to sort my pearl cottons as well some day, it`s just so much fun, and great therapy to.

4 jan. 2013

My heart is finished.

I`ve found Dr. Seuss and I`m in love, he has so many good quotes and I picked one for my new embroidery project, it`s going to take some time but I think it has the potential of being really nice once it`s finished.

I also finished the little heart I`ve been doing at work this Christmas, when theres a break we tend to have just a few kids there so unless I want to go insane I start a little project and this white heart was it this year, I like this heart a lot and it was a lot of fun to make it to.

I`ve started a new quilt, I sort of got inspired by my new sheet that I bought at a thrift shop a few weeks back, so the quilt is going to be pink, blue and yellow, but light, pale colors. I think it might turn out great, if I can just get all the little pieces cut out, that part is really just boring.