26 maj 2013

Granny square and stripe pillows, finished.

I finished my granny pillows. I love the with the squares, mostly because I`ve been wanting to make grannysquares ever since I learned how to crochet, but the one with the stripes is my favorite. The colors come together so nicely and it just looks great. The pillows have claimed their place as the newest and most colorful balconypillows and I expect us to be very happy together.

20 maj 2013

Cross stitch.

I started a new cross stitch that I really like, and the best part is that I bought all but three colors of mouline at thrift shops, and the fabric as well. That makes that old feeling the stitch has, or at least will have, real. I so love the colors I was lucky enough to find, threads has a way of making me so happy.

The sun is starting to get warm and my balcony is coming along nicely, it`s so nice to get to sit out there with a book or my cross stitch, and a cup of tea of course. I don t get people who don`t like tea, they are so missing out.

We seized the chance to get some sun and went to the sea yesterday, it was so much fun. The water was of course freezing but the kids got wet anyway.

6 maj 2013

My very first granny squares.

I made my first granny squares ever. Ever as in ever. They took some time to finish but it was so fun making them that it didn`t matter.  I`ve been wanting to make a pillow for my balcony with lots of color and this one is going to be perfect. I`m planing to make one with granny stripes in the same colors to but I haven`t had the time yet.

I`m getting my balcony in order now, the weather is warming up and all the seeds I`ve planted are starting to come up. In a couple of weeks it`s going to be warm enough to put the flowers out and to sit on the balcony and just enjoy the warmth, I can hardly wait!

I`m feeling very creative these days and the hours I have to make stuff isn`t even close to enough, work seems sort of boring and I`m so looking forward to getting some weeks of this summer. The thought of sun, time of work and doing what ever I want almost seems to good to be true.