20 aug. 2012


I had two cups of coffee the other day and that`s two cups to many for me, the coffee really gets to me and I can`t sit still at all. It was to late for sewing so I started on a band with harts that I`l put around a flowerpot later. It feels nice to do something simple and thoughtless now and then.

The small yellow flower is the first one at my tomato plants, I probably planted them a bit late and the weather hasn`t been good either so I don`t know if we`ll get to see any actual tomatoes on them or not, but I am really loving the little flower and hoping for many more. It`s nice to see that the balcony is still a summery place, even though I`m over this summer now.

Also, I made the best peach pie ever, cant wait until tomorrow when we`ll have some. 

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