27 sep. 2012

Wool, oh wool.

I did some shopping last week and I found some really nice things. I bought some yarn for crocheting, three more Christmas fabrics, some cheep books and best of all, wool thread and fabric. I`ve started working with it and I am in love for sure! It`s so easy and it turns out so great. I`m just trying it out right now so I don`t have anything planed for the flowers I`m making, but they already look great. Maybe I should make a pillow for my mom for Christmas.  

23 sep. 2012


I woke up yesterday and felt that this was the day to start doing wool embroidery. This is a Swedish tradition, it`s probably been done in a lot of countries but I`m looking at the Swedish ones for inspiration. The pictures above is from a Swedish book that I`m planing to get my hands on at the library tomorrow, it looks so great! I have bought some wool fabric and I found just the right wool threads at a thrift shop yesterday so today I`m having a lot of fun!  

21 sep. 2012

20 sep. 2012

Crochet happiness.


I`ve bought some new yarn and it makes me so happy. I`m good that way, I can be over the moon about a bit of yarn for a week or so, I like the little things. Anyhow I bought four yarns of Tilda in really great colors and I started making some African flowers and I`m really liking the way they turn out, I haven`t started the borders yet but there already quite beautiful.

I also bought a yarn of gray yarn that sparkles, I didn`t think I would be to fond of it but boy am I! I`ve started making stars for Christmas and they are turning out great.

And the pie dish, well I`m apparently addicted to pie. I just keep making new ones and I haven`t been without pie for at least two weeks. Apple and peach are my favorites. Makes me so happy. I have four peaches in my kitchen just calling out my name as I write this. Lovely.

16 sep. 2012

A nice cup of chailatte.

What have I`ve been up to? Well yesterday I bitched all day long, I guess I was just to tired or something. I hate those days, the only good thing is that I know that the next day is always better. I went sort of crazy over the kids room to and made them carry everything out in the living room, we went through everything and a lot ended up in the trash, so nice. Then we went to IKEA and bought them a desk, a chair and a shelf with lots of plastic crates in it. Their room is nice now and we are all so happy about that.

I`ve cooked lingon jam, so good. I`ve secretly tried out some of the lego I bought my daughter for her birthday, It`s so much fun! I`ve crocheted something for a jar of pens, I`m not sure if I like it yet but the kids do so, it was fun making. And I made tiny little hearts to, they are a lot of fun!

Oh, yes I bought more cottolin to, that`s what I use for my tablet weaving and I love to but more. I buy it at a thrift shop here and the price there is  1/5 of what they cost otherwise so I but them with a clean continence and a smile in my face.

Yes and the two plants are some I grew from sprouts, I love doing that, it`s so cheap! 

11 sep. 2012

My latest quilt, green and brown.

I finally managed to take some pictures of my latest quilt, so here it is. This one is my favorite so far, I love green and brown so this is right up my alley. I often start making complicated patterns for quilts but then I almost always remember that squares are great, they are easy and beautiful.

10 sep. 2012

Job well done.

I had a meeting today with a couple of psychologists and the parents of the boy I`m working with right now. I work at a school as an assistant to children with special needs, this one has autism. I enjoy my work even though I`m under payed, mostly because you don`t need much of an education to get a job like mine. The meeting was a lot of fun though because both psychologists was very impressed with my work and the thought behind it. They said I had to be a natural, and thats part of it, but I also have a bachelor of science with a major in eduation and it just feels darn good when people see that I`m good at what I do.

I`m going to get back to the socks I`m knitting now, it`s getting cold outside.

9 sep. 2012


We went to my moms again this weekend and picked some more berries, this time I went for lingon. I went with my mom to to one of her spots and picked one bucket and then I took my 10year old little sister out and we found a new spot, I spent about two hours picking and ended up with 20 liters berries. I did good. I`m making jam right now with about one liter and the rest is in my freezer. It feels great, I can make jam and bake all through the winter.

My mom was out hunting and they shot a moose just as we came so I took the kids out to the woods to see it, we stayed so they could see how they took of the skin and head. My parents have always hunted and I used to go with them when I was a kid so I`m used to it, my kids looked a bit creped out though, but I think if you eat meat you should be able to see the hole process.

6 sep. 2012

Slow week.

It`s been a slow week, even though I got of work at 14,30 this week I haven't had the energy to much of anything. Well I spent time with the kids, baked a blueberry pie, did a little bit of cross stitch, but nothing big. I guess it`s needed sometimes to just be, I`m just not any good at it, I just feel sort of useless when I`m not making something, like I`m wasting all that time and not leaving any marks at all.

I started a new project today though, I`m making a quilt each for my kids, I plan to give them as Christmas presents. I know they`ll like having a quilt each thats just theirs so it`s a good idea I think. I also get to use some of my more colorful fabrics for this, I have some thats just been hanging out for a bit to long now.

The picture is of some ribbons I`ve made. I have been really in to tablet weaving for about a year now, it`s just so much fun. I sort of lost it this summer though and I don`t feel any urge to start it again, I guess it will come back to med later. For now the quilting will keep me happy.

Oh yes I almost forgot, I went all hero at work today. A couple of kids stepped in to a wasp`s nest and there where wasps everywhere, angry little tings to, the kids were screaming and crying so I had to run down and carry three of them out of there. Two kids got stung, and me to. It was sort of scary to cause I`m used to just waving them of but these wasps were of course angry as all hell so they just kept coming back.

1 sep. 2012


 I`m a big fan of eating. I will eat everything, I can`t think of a single thing I don`t like. But my favorite is eating something nice in front of the television when the kids are asleep. It sounds sort of bad but it`s okay, most of the time the kids get what I`m eating as well, but a bit earlier or the next day. But I love the feeling of being all alone and having something really good to eat. 

December`s just round the corner.

I finally started the Christmas project I`ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks now and it feels great. I`m not at all sure about the red background but I can`t get any other color to work so I think I`ll use red, it will probably look way better when it`s all done. I have big plans for this one so I really hope it turns out as nice as I want it to.

I`ve also started some crochet, also with Christmas in mind. It`s my first ever Christmas hart so even if it`s not perfect I do love it, and best part is it didn`t take long at all to do. The daisy squares I`m pretty much just making without a plan, I figure if I make a lot then when December comes and that wonderful Christmas mood sets in I`ll know what to do with them.