30 dec. 2012

Back to a normal life.

I`ve cleaned out Christmas today and it feels so good. I love Christmas like crazy but when it`s all over it feels so good to go back to normal life, and it`s really fun to be able to start any project I want, it doesn`t have to be in red and white anymore. Oh the choices.

The colorful quilts are the ones I made for my kids for Christmas, I didn`t have as much time as I would of liked to have so the quilting isn't that great, but the kids love them and thats all I need.
We went to a thrift shop the other day and I bought some books for 5kr a piece(0,77USD), it`s a big joy of mine, cheap books, I just buy the pretty ones and try them out, every once in a while I find one thats truly wonderful.

27 dec. 2012

Back to work.

Today it was back to work for me, we only had six kids so I got to play with a needle and some cotton yarn all day long, so nice. I started on the white heart, I`ll finish it tomorrow and I have to say I like it even though I had to make do with the colors we had at work(not many at all).
I`ve also bought some stuff, the green fabric is for underwear for me, it always keeps me smiling to know that I`m wearing crazy looking underwear. And the wooden pearls are tiny and wonderful, I plan to have some serious fun with those.

Our Christmas weekend was of course great, we spent a lot of time out in the snow and we took some really nice long walks with moms dog, who I love. I found a cute little red house to, that`s my kind of house, small and wonderful.

23 dec. 2012

The day before Christmas.

It`s the day before Christmas and we have had the best couple of days. I did my last day of work this Friday so now I don`t have to work until nest Thursday and that feels so good. We`ve been busy just being with each other and making everything ready for Christmas, wrapping gifts, doing some last minute decorations, eating a lot of Christmas ham sandwiches, taking walks in the snow, watching Christmas movies, drinking lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and caramel souse and loving every second of it. Tomorrow we go to my moms where we all will be for Christmas. My mom made the wonderful stockings for the kids in the picture, my grandmother made my knitted me and my sisters stockings when we were kids so it`s just right that mom made them for me and my sisters kids.

Now I intend to make me a big cup of tea and a Christmas ham sandwich and watch some TV before I sneak in to the kids room to fill there stockings. I so love Christmas.

18 dec. 2012

Third Advent.

This weekend we got even more snow, around 20cm. We always get snow but this year really takes the price, it`s been snowing like crazy for weeks now. I like it though, the kids have a lot to play in and it`s pretty outside, only problem is getting to and from work but so far I`ve managed. My son was sort of clever with the diving glasses, no snow in his eyes for sure.

The kids made a gingerbread house that turned out pretty good, I usually end up breaking them before the decorating part of it all but this survived so we are proud of that. :)

I made some Christmas pillows, I didn`t spend to much time on them but they bring some Christmas feeling so I`m happy with them. The blue glittery fabric my son begged me to buy, not my style, so that pillow is all his. And I finished my Christmas pots to, I started them last year I think so it took a while, last Christmas we only had "God", but now it`s "God Jul(Merry Christmas)". 

11 dec. 2012

Christmas quilt.

I finished my Christmas quilt and I love love love it! It`s so red and Christmasy and wonderful. I hope that I make one each year, think how many I`ll have to put out for Christmas 2022. Might have to start giving them away then. Anyhow this one is on my coach now and the kids snuggle under it as they watch the advent calender on TV. I so want to make one for my bed to but I know my limitations, if I start another one now I wont have time for anything else and I would like to make some more small things for Christmas, decorations is the best.

9 dec. 2012

Such a good weekend, I can`t wait untill the next one.

We have had the best weekend ever. I turned of the computer and enjoyed all the free time I got. Our home is now Christmasy and nice, I`ve been sewing and making stuff for Christmas and I just love it, I am truly in love with Christmas and December.

It`s been snowing like crazy here for the last week, and a long with that a lot of traffic chaos and shoveling snow but also a lot of playing in the snow and appreciating how beautiful everything gets. Me and the kids took a walk this morning and it really is winter outside, the kids found new mountains of snow to climb and play in. The yellow building is my sons daycare, he has his skies there and thats what he does all day long, skies.

The kids have been baking gingerbread biscuits and decorating them while I made the traditional knäck(toffee made from cream, sugar and syrup) and ischoklad(ice chocolate made from chocolate and cocoa butter). And of course we drank glögg(mulled wine, non alcoholic).

I also had time to make some hearts of the left over fabric I got when I bought new Christmas curtains for the living room that was to long. And I made some pillows, I`ll take better photographs of them later.