29 aug. 2012

Thrift shop finds.

I made some nice buys at a thrift shop at my moms. I got all of the threads for 40kr(about 6 dollars), I plan to do some crocheting for Christmas using the red and maybe the white as well. The fabrics get to go in the cupboard until I need it, I really like the red and grey, that will also come in handy at Christmas, witch is on my mind a lot now but I really want to have time enough to make a couple of things this year.

28 aug. 2012

In the woods.

We had a really nice time at my moms this weekend, a lot of it spent in the woods. We picked blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberry and cloudberries. I love picking berries, it feels so good to put the bags in the freezer and just know that they are there. We are planing to go back in a couple of weeks to pick some lingonberries, they make the best jam ever.
I got great use of my new beautiful rain boots as well, I just love them so much.

I was planing to take some nice pictures of my latest quilt at my moms but the weekend sort of rain away, good for being in the woods but not so much for taking nice pictures. I`ll take a picture of it at home some day and post here instead, I`m really happy with this one, the colors are so green and nice, just how I like it.

24 aug. 2012

Weekend at my moms

We`re going to my moms place for the weekend. It`s always nice to be there, my mom has three younger kids, my sister has two and I have two so when we all go there we have a great time. I especially miss their dog, and the little chickens that I watch coming out of their eggs earlier this summer. The pictures are from our last visit. In the first picture you can see my mom at the top and my sister a bit down, both with long brown hair. There`s also moms horses, the chickens and me bringing in and stacking a huge pile of woo, at the last photo you can see where the pile, or mountain it you will, were. I had a lot of fun with it for a week this summer.

23 aug. 2012

Big day today.

My girl had her first day of school today, first grade, and she is so proud and happy, I am to of course. It`s a big day so we made a schwarzwald cake to celebrate, I plan to celebrate again when the kids go to sleep and it`s just me awake.

I bought som nice hand made table runners at a thrift store the other day, one I riped up to get the thread, I plan to crochet something for Christmas of it. But two of them were nice enough to be used and I love them.

I also took the plunge and bought some fabric for Christmas, so now I`m going slightly insane planing what to make and what to start with. It`s so much fun!

Oh yes, and I cross stitched a house and a tree. Size, as tiny as they come.

20 aug. 2012


I had two cups of coffee the other day and that`s two cups to many for me, the coffee really gets to me and I can`t sit still at all. It was to late for sewing so I started on a band with harts that I`l put around a flowerpot later. It feels nice to do something simple and thoughtless now and then.

The small yellow flower is the first one at my tomato plants, I probably planted them a bit late and the weather hasn`t been good either so I don`t know if we`ll get to see any actual tomatoes on them or not, but I am really loving the little flower and hoping for many more. It`s nice to see that the balcony is still a summery place, even though I`m over this summer now.

Also, I made the best peach pie ever, cant wait until tomorrow when we`ll have some. 

18 aug. 2012

Summer, who needs it anyway.

I know, it`s not ok to be planing Christmas in August. But I can`t help it, the summer has not exactly been warm and nice so I`m moving on. It`s like waiting for a boy who never shows, just move on. So Christmas, last year we made all our gifts, except a few for the kids, so I didn`t have time to make anything for myself. This year I`m getting a head start and I have a few projects planed, starting with some cross stitch. The small santas I had in a drawer, or two of them at least, so I`m making one more and turning it in to a pillow, I think. Stay tuned.

Oh dear sale.

I know, I should be saving all my money for a house but when they have a sale on quiltfabrics at the fabric store I can`t be held responsible. Besides, I only bought for about 400kr and at full price it would of been twice that so you know what that means don`t you, I saved 400kr. I also found a nice red fabric that I think I`m going to make pants for the kids of.

13 aug. 2012

Bye bye for a few.

Have to get my computer fixed so I will be out for a couple of days, I have no idea how long it`s going to be or even worse, how much it will cost...

But no computer means more time to sew so it`s all good. Se you soon.

12 aug. 2012

Working and doing fine.

My latest quilt is coming along nicely, I`ve spent quite some time on it this weekend and I`m very happy with the result. I love when I can just sew and sew, and this weekend was just perfect for it, I just took some brakes to go outside with my kids and to kook. Tomorrow is back to work and after that I promised to visit a friend who just moved so there will be no time to sew tomorrow.
My sisters son has his fourth birthday this Saturday and he really wants a superhero cape so I think I`l make him one, that means the quilt will have to wait. Sadly. 

Al the pieces laid out.

And sewn together.

My cat Lo loves it when I sew or do something else at my sewing table, she gets on top of what I`m working on and has the best time ever, sometimes I forget just av small piece of fabric and she lays on it and just purrs away.

11 aug. 2012

I don`t like myself very much right now.

Oh I`m just plain stupid sometimes. I do one good cross stitch and suddenly it`s a good idea to do one on linen, 12 threads/cm to, I should know thats never a good idea. But now I started one and I`m going to have to finish it to, good thing I choose a Christmas pattern. :)

9 aug. 2012

Lo lo love my rain boots.

Oh I bought new rain boots on line the other day and today they arrived! I couldn`t be more exited, I haven`t owned a good pair of rain boots since I was young and my dad made sure I had a good pair, he was big on things like that. Anyhow, here they are, green and big and wonderful. I intend to have good use of these, specially when I finally get enough money to buy a house. 

6 aug. 2012

Lovely green countries.

I absolutely love the little map that shows me were my readers are from, I get so exited when I see that a new country is green. Today Russia turned green and I could not bee happier. I don`t care to much about having a big bunch of readers but I want them, or you, to be from all over. 

5 aug. 2012

Bye bye vacation, hello work.

Okay, tomorrow it`s of to work. It`s my first day at a new school, I`m going to be an assistent to a small boy with autism, how severe I don`t know yet. It feels good to get to work with such a small child, otherwise they are often damaged by a couple of years in school with to little understanding for their unique way of being. I`d lie if I said I wasn`t nervous, I am, but mostly I feel exited. It`s always fun to start at a new job, even if I will miss my old one a lot, I`m looking forward to seeing who I`l be working with and things like that, I also know they have a kick ass salad buffet at lunch and thats really nice, I hope my boy will let me eat.

I`ve chosen fabrics for a new quilt I`m planing to make.

And "tada" I`ve cut out the pieces as well.

4 aug. 2012

The shortest summer ever.

I can`t remember a summer that went buy quite this fast. I think part of it was that it was the first summer in a while where I only had four weeks vacation, and part defiantly was that the weather haven`t exactly been warm and summery. I read at SMHI that this July was the coldest one here in the north of Sweden in 17 years, and June just rained away. We got a couple of good days at the beach though, and it has been a good summer so I should`t complain. But next one I`m definitely taking out five weeks vacation and hoping for nice weather. It`s sort of nice to look forward to fall anyway..

I spent some nice evenings on our balcony tablet weaving and enjoying life.

My kids, my sisters and brother and my sisters boy all ready to jump in.