12 aug. 2012

Working and doing fine.

My latest quilt is coming along nicely, I`ve spent quite some time on it this weekend and I`m very happy with the result. I love when I can just sew and sew, and this weekend was just perfect for it, I just took some brakes to go outside with my kids and to kook. Tomorrow is back to work and after that I promised to visit a friend who just moved so there will be no time to sew tomorrow.
My sisters son has his fourth birthday this Saturday and he really wants a superhero cape so I think I`l make him one, that means the quilt will have to wait. Sadly. 

Al the pieces laid out.

And sewn together.

My cat Lo loves it when I sew or do something else at my sewing table, she gets on top of what I`m working on and has the best time ever, sometimes I forget just av small piece of fabric and she lays on it and just purrs away.

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