1 sep. 2012

December`s just round the corner.

I finally started the Christmas project I`ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks now and it feels great. I`m not at all sure about the red background but I can`t get any other color to work so I think I`ll use red, it will probably look way better when it`s all done. I have big plans for this one so I really hope it turns out as nice as I want it to.

I`ve also started some crochet, also with Christmas in mind. It`s my first ever Christmas hart so even if it`s not perfect I do love it, and best part is it didn`t take long at all to do. The daisy squares I`m pretty much just making without a plan, I figure if I make a lot then when December comes and that wonderful Christmas mood sets in I`ll know what to do with them.

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