9 sep. 2012


We went to my moms again this weekend and picked some more berries, this time I went for lingon. I went with my mom to to one of her spots and picked one bucket and then I took my 10year old little sister out and we found a new spot, I spent about two hours picking and ended up with 20 liters berries. I did good. I`m making jam right now with about one liter and the rest is in my freezer. It feels great, I can make jam and bake all through the winter.

My mom was out hunting and they shot a moose just as we came so I took the kids out to the woods to see it, we stayed so they could see how they took of the skin and head. My parents have always hunted and I used to go with them when I was a kid so I`m used to it, my kids looked a bit creped out though, but I think if you eat meat you should be able to see the hole process.

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