7 okt. 2012

Brave rocks.

Oh Brave was so good, so good. It was the first Disney ever(as far as I know) that wasn`t a love story and that makes me so so happy. I don`t have anything against love but I am not okay with teaching our kids that if you are alone than you are unhappy and somethings wrong. Love is great but not being in love is pretty damn great to.

I`m crocheting a curtain tie back with these new Tilda yarns I bought yesterday, it`s going to be great, all flowery and beautiful.

Now I need to go lie in the bath with a good book for an hour or so. Oh how I love the little things.

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  1. Hi Alex, I just stumbled across your blog (while I'm actually supposed to be getting some work done...) and I like it and recognize things I like myself: being creative (preferably with Wool (knitting!), but embroidery is also something I'd like to do. And yesterday I made lot's of jam with the blackberries I had stored in my freezer.
    As to the Disney films, did you know there are academic studies on the messages in these films? Being highly critical of what is called 'disneyfication' of childrens culture. As much as I like watching films (and knitting through them) I also keep a look out for implicit messages! And you're right: love stories in fairytales and (especially) the Disney versions of them do seem to suggest that you can't be happy unless...