28 okt. 2012

Snowy Sunday.

Oh what a nice Sunday. The snow we got is still here and the kids have been outside playing all day long. When I go outside I feel both ways, I feel the cold and isn`t exactly thrilled about that but I also get that tingle in my stomach when I smell the snow. I do love autumn so I`m sad to see that go, but the snow makes it easier to plan for Christmas and thats always a good thing. We just got in from a nice walk in the dark cold and it`s so cosy outside, it makes me want to stay inside and drink chai tea with lots of milk.

I`ve spent my day baking and sewing om my Christmas quilt thats intended for the couch, it`s turning out good and I can`t wait for December first, it might be the best day ever.

We went to the city yesterday and I found three t-shirts that I liked, I almost never buy clothes cause I can`t find anything I like, so I was so exited about these t-shirts. I love them and it feels so good to have something new in my closet.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, snow already! Down here we don't get that untill december, if we get any at all! I love snow, love how it lightens everything up on dark winter days. My husband is in France now and there's snow there too! For now me and the children are raking leaves (just for fun, not because we want a tidy garden, mind you!) and still enjoying autumn colors.

  2. Awesome shirts! I hope that your quilt is working out the way you hope, it looks lovely!