25 nov. 2012

Walks and pearls.

I had such a nice weekend, the kind that gets you both rested and exited. We all went to our moms and just hung out together, we took a lot of walks with the dog, the kids and the horses. We went out late and we went out early. The best way to start ones day have to be to take a cold walk with a totally over the top exited dog. I also played with my moms horse, I have always been scared of horses so her smallest one realy suits me, he`s small enough to be a dog. I also brought some felt and pearls and stuff so we also sat in the kitchen for hours making hearts for Christmas, it was wonderful. I bought the three packs of pearls last week, these will keep me happy for a long time, so Christmasy.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Alex, is there any typical Christmas cake you will bake in Sweden?

  2. I`m not sure, but gingerbread cake is always good for chrstmas, with lingon in it and frosting on top. And lussebulle, thats a bun with saffran that is also very Christmasy. Do you have any to share with me?

  3. Your mother's pony is such a doll! Love the photo of you two together :) Aloha, Ann