20 jan. 2013

An old new dress.

The dress is one I made last summer, never sewed on the buttons in the back though so it haven`t been used yet, I plan to change that this summer. The fabric in the picture under the dress is one I bought yesterday, it was cheep and wonderful, two of my favorite things. I plan to make a dress of that to, it`s as thin as cotton gets and I love it.

I also found some lamps in a thrift shop, I payed 20kr(3usd) for this one. I have a bad relationship with lamps for the most part, most of them manage to be both ugly and expensive and that`s never a good thing. So I rely on thrift shop, and usually some fabric or thread. This one tough was cute enough to get to live with me without any remaking.

The quilt is coming along nicely, all the pieces are now sewn together and I`m just taking a breather before I start making the quilt sandwich. I can`t say I like that part very much but I have realized that it`s not a good idea not to do it properly.

We saw Brave, again, and I felt like trying to paint her and I have to say it`s a lot of fun. I have her lying by my computer so when I get bored I can just color her skirt or give her hair a try. I do love Brave, she is so awesome.  

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Alex, well we do have a lot of snow today. It is melting a bit in the sun. The streets are clean and the busses and trams drive today.
    My daughter is a bit ill, but she went to school for two hours of lessens. She is very happy with her new tablet that they use in the classroom. She got it yesterday.

  2. I like your photos of the last august. So wonderfull the woods and the lakes in Sweden. Looks like holiday ! Franca