19 feb. 2014

Explanation and how to make it work

Hi everybody! I feel it might be time for a little explanation on why I haven`t been that active lately. The thing is that I got this new job, teaching textile crafts at a school and I totally love it, one of the perks is that I now I don`t have to spend one hour a day in my car, witch gives me more spear time. So far so god. Now the thing is that I love teaching so much that I have decided to go back to school to become one. So now I both work full time and study full time, this means that I have a minimum of spear time and I`ve realized that even though I love blogging I just don`t have time for it.  

Now I don`t want to kill of my blog and I don`t want to stop reading all of yours, it`s just to much fun. So what I thought is this, I`ll keep my blog but I wont make these long post any more, I will try to make do with just posting pictures now and then and maybe just a small text on what it is.

Most of the creative work I do now has to do with school, it`s lots of projects that I`m trying out to see if I can do them with my students. My students are between nine and fourteen so the projects vary in skill required. The masks in the picture is a project I`m starting with my nine year olds, they get to be all kinds of creative at the same time as they get better at planing, cutting, blanket stitch, sewing on things and so on. Besides witch ten year old doesn`t get exited about dressing up?

3 kommentarer:

  1. yes please keep posting pictures so we can continue to enjoy your creations. congratulation on job and going to school. you will be a great teacher:)

  2. I didnt want to be listed as anonym (above post) my name is Lisa and I live in Rochester NY. BTW love the mask.