5 aug. 2012

Bye bye vacation, hello work.

Okay, tomorrow it`s of to work. It`s my first day at a new school, I`m going to be an assistent to a small boy with autism, how severe I don`t know yet. It feels good to get to work with such a small child, otherwise they are often damaged by a couple of years in school with to little understanding for their unique way of being. I`d lie if I said I wasn`t nervous, I am, but mostly I feel exited. It`s always fun to start at a new job, even if I will miss my old one a lot, I`m looking forward to seeing who I`l be working with and things like that, I also know they have a kick ass salad buffet at lunch and thats really nice, I hope my boy will let me eat.

I`ve chosen fabrics for a new quilt I`m planing to make.

And "tada" I`ve cut out the pieces as well.

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