4 aug. 2012

The shortest summer ever.

I can`t remember a summer that went buy quite this fast. I think part of it was that it was the first summer in a while where I only had four weeks vacation, and part defiantly was that the weather haven`t exactly been warm and summery. I read at SMHI that this July was the coldest one here in the north of Sweden in 17 years, and June just rained away. We got a couple of good days at the beach though, and it has been a good summer so I should`t complain. But next one I`m definitely taking out five weeks vacation and hoping for nice weather. It`s sort of nice to look forward to fall anyway..

I spent some nice evenings on our balcony tablet weaving and enjoying life.

My kids, my sisters and brother and my sisters boy all ready to jump in.

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