16 sep. 2012

A nice cup of chailatte.

What have I`ve been up to? Well yesterday I bitched all day long, I guess I was just to tired or something. I hate those days, the only good thing is that I know that the next day is always better. I went sort of crazy over the kids room to and made them carry everything out in the living room, we went through everything and a lot ended up in the trash, so nice. Then we went to IKEA and bought them a desk, a chair and a shelf with lots of plastic crates in it. Their room is nice now and we are all so happy about that.

I`ve cooked lingon jam, so good. I`ve secretly tried out some of the lego I bought my daughter for her birthday, It`s so much fun! I`ve crocheted something for a jar of pens, I`m not sure if I like it yet but the kids do so, it was fun making. And I made tiny little hearts to, they are a lot of fun!

Oh, yes I bought more cottolin to, that`s what I use for my tablet weaving and I love to but more. I buy it at a thrift shop here and the price there is  1/5 of what they cost otherwise so I but them with a clean continence and a smile in my face.

Yes and the two plants are some I grew from sprouts, I love doing that, it`s so cheap! 

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