20 sep. 2012

Crochet happiness.


I`ve bought some new yarn and it makes me so happy. I`m good that way, I can be over the moon about a bit of yarn for a week or so, I like the little things. Anyhow I bought four yarns of Tilda in really great colors and I started making some African flowers and I`m really liking the way they turn out, I haven`t started the borders yet but there already quite beautiful.

I also bought a yarn of gray yarn that sparkles, I didn`t think I would be to fond of it but boy am I! I`ve started making stars for Christmas and they are turning out great.

And the pie dish, well I`m apparently addicted to pie. I just keep making new ones and I haven`t been without pie for at least two weeks. Apple and peach are my favorites. Makes me so happy. I have four peaches in my kitchen just calling out my name as I write this. Lovely.

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