30 dec. 2012

Back to a normal life.

I`ve cleaned out Christmas today and it feels so good. I love Christmas like crazy but when it`s all over it feels so good to go back to normal life, and it`s really fun to be able to start any project I want, it doesn`t have to be in red and white anymore. Oh the choices.

The colorful quilts are the ones I made for my kids for Christmas, I didn`t have as much time as I would of liked to have so the quilting isn't that great, but the kids love them and thats all I need.
We went to a thrift shop the other day and I bought some books for 5kr a piece(0,77USD), it`s a big joy of mine, cheap books, I just buy the pretty ones and try them out, every once in a while I find one thats truly wonderful.

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