4 jan. 2013

My heart is finished.

I`ve found Dr. Seuss and I`m in love, he has so many good quotes and I picked one for my new embroidery project, it`s going to take some time but I think it has the potential of being really nice once it`s finished.

I also finished the little heart I`ve been doing at work this Christmas, when theres a break we tend to have just a few kids there so unless I want to go insane I start a little project and this white heart was it this year, I like this heart a lot and it was a lot of fun to make it to.

I`ve started a new quilt, I sort of got inspired by my new sheet that I bought at a thrift shop a few weeks back, so the quilt is going to be pink, blue and yellow, but light, pale colors. I think it might turn out great, if I can just get all the little pieces cut out, that part is really just boring.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh that heart is so gorgeous, I love the design :)

  2. That heart just feeds my eyes full of lovely design and loving handwork - thank you so much for sharing it - it has inspired me to start a new little project, too! Aloha with hugs from Hawaii! Ann