9 dec. 2012

Such a good weekend, I can`t wait untill the next one.

We have had the best weekend ever. I turned of the computer and enjoyed all the free time I got. Our home is now Christmasy and nice, I`ve been sewing and making stuff for Christmas and I just love it, I am truly in love with Christmas and December.

It`s been snowing like crazy here for the last week, and a long with that a lot of traffic chaos and shoveling snow but also a lot of playing in the snow and appreciating how beautiful everything gets. Me and the kids took a walk this morning and it really is winter outside, the kids found new mountains of snow to climb and play in. The yellow building is my sons daycare, he has his skies there and thats what he does all day long, skies.

The kids have been baking gingerbread biscuits and decorating them while I made the traditional knäck(toffee made from cream, sugar and syrup) and ischoklad(ice chocolate made from chocolate and cocoa butter). And of course we drank glögg(mulled wine, non alcoholic).

I also had time to make some hearts of the left over fabric I got when I bought new Christmas curtains for the living room that was to long. And I made some pillows, I`ll take better photographs of them later. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. That really does look like a great weekend! The gingerbread biscuits are pretty and so are the hearts you made from fabric. I think we'll get a christmas tree next weekend and do all the decorating. I'm planning on putting tree and decorations on one table were my little ones can't reach them, and walk off with them all the time ;)

    Oh, the rattles I posted earlier, they're not for anyone in particular. I had made a toy for Isabel and realized how nice it would look if I turned it upside down and it reminded me of a rattle...I liked the idea so much I made a bunch of them. Sometimes I just don't know why I make things, I just like doing it, following an idea. I'm sure there will be babies to give them to sometime!

  2. Hi Alex
    Very special time!Your gingerbread cookies look so festive, please post a recipe if you can.