11 dec. 2012

Christmas quilt.

I finished my Christmas quilt and I love love love it! It`s so red and Christmasy and wonderful. I hope that I make one each year, think how many I`ll have to put out for Christmas 2022. Might have to start giving them away then. Anyhow this one is on my coach now and the kids snuggle under it as they watch the advent calender on TV. I so want to make one for my bed to but I know my limitations, if I start another one now I wont have time for anything else and I would like to make some more small things for Christmas, decorations is the best.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, what a beautiful quilt. I love all the red and white fabrics. Enjoy the snow, we get nothing like that amount here, but it always causes chaos on the roads etc! xx

  2. Your Christmas decorating is lovely.