18 dec. 2012

Third Advent.

This weekend we got even more snow, around 20cm. We always get snow but this year really takes the price, it`s been snowing like crazy for weeks now. I like it though, the kids have a lot to play in and it`s pretty outside, only problem is getting to and from work but so far I`ve managed. My son was sort of clever with the diving glasses, no snow in his eyes for sure.

The kids made a gingerbread house that turned out pretty good, I usually end up breaking them before the decorating part of it all but this survived so we are proud of that. :)

I made some Christmas pillows, I didn`t spend to much time on them but they bring some Christmas feeling so I`m happy with them. The blue glittery fabric my son begged me to buy, not my style, so that pillow is all his. And I finished my Christmas pots to, I started them last year I think so it took a while, last Christmas we only had "God", but now it`s "God Jul(Merry Christmas)". 

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