8 jan. 2013

Embroidery thread.

I bought some cotton embroidery thread on Tradera(Swedish Ebay) and it finally got here a couple of days ago. I spent a couple of wonderful hours drinking tea and sorting it after color, then I tied it up on a wooden ring and hung it on n nail in my bed- and sewing room. Now I just look at it and smile, there is something so great about thread in many different colors, probably knowing just how many different ways one can be creative with it. I think I have to sort my pearl cottons as well some day, it`s just so much fun, and great therapy to.

5 kommentarer:

  1. What beautiful colours. They make a nice decoration just like that! xx

  2. Hello Alex, What a nice blog to read. Ik like the pictures of Sweden in the snow. I live in Holland, but this year there was not so much snow. We going to have al colder weekend.
    Ik like to read on when Posy gets Cosy and she has a link to your site.
    Greetings from Franca out of Den Haag.

    1. Thank you so much Franca! I love Posy gets Cosy, even more now since they got their daughter. Hope you get some snow soon, it`s cold but lots of fun. :)

  3. Your embroidered heart is beautiful !
    I am looking forward to seeing the embroidered words.
    Love your pictures of the children in the snow.
    I am in New Zealand and we are currently having 35 deg celcius days right now.
    The thought of all that beautiful snow and cold weather is very appealing.
    I am reasonably new to your blog and have really been enjoying seeing your crafts.

    1. Oh thank you, I love that heart and it was so much fun to make. 35 degrees sounds pretty wonderful if you ask me, the snow looks beautiful and is grate fun but it`s so cold. :) Thank you so much for commenting, it`s so fun with people from other countries reading, I love blogs from other countries as well.