11 mars 2013

Projects, oh how I love projects.

Spring is in the air and I can`t seem to get anything finished now days. It feels like I`m starting a new project every other day, I get totally exited and get going but then after a short while I come up with three new projects that just can`t wait. It`s a good thing, I love having a lot of projects lying around, it`s nice to know there is always something to work on when my fingers starts to itch. I even dug up an corset that I started on maybe two years ago, maybe now it has a fair chance to get finished.

I`m having a lot of fun with my Seuss quote, it`s taking a lot of time but I sort of think that`s okay, it`s boring to never finish but I plan to love it more for every hour spent stitching.

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