21 apr. 2013

Postage stamp quilt.

So I`m making a postage stamp quilt, my first one. I have way to much scraps of fabric so I thought this would be a good way to use up some of it, I ran out of colors after a while and decided to use some of my new fabrics as well.
I`ve cut out all the tiny little pieces now, I`ve sewn them together in rows of five and I`ve even pressed them. Next step is to sew then together to squares of 25 in each.
I sort of have a plan for how the whole thing is going to turn out but I am having problems with what color or colors to use. I didn`t think about colors at all when cutting the pieces, my plan was to use as many scraps as possible and let the color work them self out later. Well now is later and I don`t have a clue. I`ll let them sit for a few days and maybe the perfect solution will just come to me, through magic...or bloggers. ;)

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