27 sep. 2013

A thousand projects.

There`s lots of things happening at my place right now, I´m trying to make a thousand things at once and in the process I`m leaving half finished projects everywhere. The thing is that I love having projects lying around, when ever I want to make something I just pick a project up and get going, that way I don`t have to plan a new project every day, the days I`m feeling creative I just plan a bunch and start them all off and then get distracted by another one. It`s perfect.

Right now my favorite ones are crocheting lace and sewing quilts. I have two quilts that I`m working on at the same time, there both made with these soft colors, lots of different colors but still soft, I love them both. And the lace, oh how I love the lace. I`m trying out all these different patterns right now and I fall deeply in love with every little piece of lace I make. So easy, and so fun. I`ll show you a few soon, I just need to put the needle down and pick up the camera first.

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  1. Hi! I don't think my comment came through before. I just wanted to say how in awe I am of your skills - particularly the embroidery and the lace. You should be very proud of your ability to create beautiful things!