21 sep. 2013

My new job, could it be the best one ever?

So I got a new job this summer. Two years ago, when I was still studying, I got a job at the school where we live, teaching textile crafts. I`m not a teacher but I worked there for a year and now I got that job back.

So what I do now is teaching kids what I love, I get paid for trying to get as many kids as I can interested in textile crafts. I get to teach them new techniques and I get to inspire them with books, pictures, examples and everything I can get my hand on. I get to have boys walk in to my classroom declaring that they hate cross stitch and that they are never going to learn how to do it, and then I get to hear the same boys at the end of the class asking med if they can take their cross stitch home to finish it. It is truly wonderful!

The downside it that it is hard trying to teach fifteen elev-year olds how to crochet at the same time. and it`s hard trying to help twelve ten-year olds master a sewing machine at the same time. Basically it`s hard trying to teach them everything that I want to teach them, but I do love trying.

The classroom was a total mess when I got there a couple of weeks ago, so I had to start with cleaning and organizing everything, which I of course love doing. While doing this I realized that there were no inspirational material in the classroom at all so I went home and searched through all my things to find things that could work with what I`m planing to do with the kids. I got together a pretty nice inspirational board for them and I also found a lot of wonderful books that was tucked away in an other room.

Since I`m not a teacher this job is just temporary but I am seriously considering going back to school to become a teacher.   

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  1. No kidding... your job could very well be the best job ever! I teach kids at my daughter's grade school to crochet at lunch time and it's such a rewarding experience for me (and I think the kids like it too!!) I do it as a volunteer (textile arts and needlecraft is unfortunately not part of our school's currucilum) so it must be such an added bonus to actually get paid to do it! Good for you...

  2. What an amazing job! I, too, work in a school supporting children and I'm deciding if I want to go onto Graduate School to train as a teacher. I love your creativity! I sew, knit and crochet a bit...I have a son as well...