17 juni 2013

Postage stamp quilt, finished.

I finally finished my postage stamp quilt. When I started the plan was to use only scraps and to use everything, no matter what color it was, and I did. The problem I ended up with was a quilt that was both dark and light, that had lots of forest greens and lots of pale pastels and even lots of really strong colors, all mixed in one. I had lots of problems figuring out what color to use between the squares, I tried a strong yellow and a dark green, a soft blue and a pale pink but nothing worked. Finally I got tired of it and decided on the dark plum. I have to be honest and say that I don`t love it, I like it and I might fall in love with it but I know now that I should of decided on a color scale and not went with every color I could find. Lesson learned.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Allow me to disagree :) ...I think your quilt is beautiful. Maybe that's just taste then, I like random colors and I think a dark color is always good to 'catch' them in. Also I think when using your own scraps you have some sort of color scale anyway because it reflects your color choice. And have you looked at your photo's in black and white? It shows ( I think) that the tone of your fabrics is similar, there are not really that many dark colors.
    Anyway: I think it looks great and I hope you turn out to be happy with it!

  2. wow this is amazing, that's a lot of teeny tiny squares altogether
    well done, I like the plum, but it is tricky to work with all of the colours altogether

  3. Love the postage stamp quilt. The plum sashing is a variation on black but more earthy and rich. I hope you fall in love with it.

    My slightly crazy (Ok, well completely crazy) Auntie Helen used to use every spare scrap making tiny little squares that she sewed together with needle and thread, by hand. She made quilts that went on forever, pillows and believe it or not, blouses for herself to wear!!!

    Your quilt is a little more sophisticated than Auntie Helen's haute couture, but it gave me a warm remembrance. I'm not sure if you tend to name your quilts, but I would definitely name this one Auntie Helen.