15 sep. 2013

The summer has come and gone.

So you may of may not have noticed that I haven`t bloged for a while, for the hole summer to be exact. I was planing to start a lot of new projects this summer, to sew and crochet and do cross stitch and maybe try something totally new. The thing is that summer sort of got in the way of my plans. I realized that there were so many things I wanted to do outside with my family so the crafting and then also the bloging had to wait.

We had a truly wonderful summer together. We`ve been swimming both in the ocean and in lakes and just enjoining the warm weather. We`ve gone camping in Skule, witch was amazing,  and we`ve spent a lot of time out in the woods. This summer we finally found some chantarelles witch made me so so happy, I`m no good at searching for mushrooms but I love them so much. We`re planing to go back to were we found them soon and hopefully find more.
There was a loot of cloudberries this year so we picked a lot of those and filled up the freezer. Cloudberried are one of my favorites, they are so good with ice cream or on scones.
I still have lingonberries left in my freezer from last year but I couldn`t help myself from picking some this year to. There are few things in life that feels as good as being in the forest during fall picking things to eat, I just love it.   

But now the summer has ended and fall is finally here, I`ve started a new job and I`m getting back to my crafts and that means I`ll also start bloging again. I`m so looking forward to spending a couple of hours at the computer visiting blogs and seeing what everyone has been up to this summer.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love the pictures!! So wondefull! Picking food to store for winter was my favortie game as a kid. I hope you have a wondeful autumn and look forward to your blop posts :)

  2. hello! and thank you for sharing! your summer sounds enchanting, the best way to spend it i think. it looks so beautiful there, i hope to visit someday. my greatgrandparents imigrated from northern sweden to minnesota (usa) many years ago. so in a way it feels like home seeing your photos. enjoy all your berries!